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                 The Mars Society Australia, Inc is an APPROVED RESEARCH INSTITUTE for the purposes of Section 73A of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 for undertaking scientific research which is, or may prove to be, of value to Australia.


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Mars Society of Australia


Dr Charles Lineweaver Presents "The Origin of the Universe and Life"
In this talk held in Brisbane on Monday 19th March, astrobiologist and cosmologist Charles Lineweaver reviewed what we think we know about the origin of the universe and the origin of life. Where and when did the first stars and terrestrial planets form? Where is there liquid water in the universe? How old is life on Earth? Is life common in the universe? Dr Lineweaver gives pretty good answers to most of these questions and educated speculations about the origin of life on Earth, in our Galaxy and in the Universe.

Read more on the BrisScience website.

Australian Participation in Mars Gravity Biosatellite Project
The University of Queensland will be participating in a landmark private space mission announced by the Mars Society (US). Known as the Translife Mars Gravity Biosatellite, the privately funded, pioneering mission will study the effects of prolonged exposure to Martian gravity on mammals, a vital step on the road to human exploration of Mars. Also participating in the project are MIT (Cambridge, MA) and the University of Washington (Seattle, WA).

Ever Wondered What a 'Mars Car' Would Look Like?
In 2000, Mars Society Australia (MSA) commenced its first technical project, Marsupial, following an award of US$10,000 from the international Mars Society. You can now follow the evolution of a simulation platform designed to represent a real Mars pressurised rover online!

Find out more...

Australian Team Wins Rover Funding
The Mars Society Australia will receive a grant of US$10,000 (AU$19,000) to begin construction on a prototype vehicle, part of an international effort to put humans on the planet Mars. The prototype, designed by a team based at the University of Queensland, is known as the
'HOP' (Human Operations Prototype), and will allow researchers to undertake weeklong excursions in Australian Mars-like locations.

Download the media kit here in pdf format.

Brisbane lectures
The Mars Society of Australia (Qld.) is pleased to invite you to the second lecture of 2000. Date: Wednesday, August 2nd 2000.

Australian Researcher Discovers Nanobes
In a discovery with implications for the search for life elsewhere in the solar system, Brisbane based researcher Dr Philippa Irwin has discovered what are believed to be life forms at an unprecedently small scale. Called nanobes, they were found in rock samples drilled from 5km below the seabed off the Western Australia.

As small as 20 nanometres, they are similar in size to the so-called fossils found in the Martian meteorite ALH84001. In 1996 NASA scientists controversially announced they thought they had found tiny fossil structures in this meteorite. The size of some of the structures was smaller than the known minimum scale of life on earth.

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