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                 The Mars Society Australia, Inc is an APPROVED RESEARCH INSTITUTE for the purposes of Section 73A of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 for undertaking scientific research which is, or may prove to be, of value to Australia.

MSA Publications

The following are various downloadable MSA documents. To view pdf files you may need to download the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader

In addition to these, check this full bibliography of MSA papers and other publications.

General Publicity Material

MSA colour brochure (pdf) (0.38 Mb)
Technical program pamphlet (pdf) (0.33 Mb)

Technical Program

MarsOz Mars Design Rationale (pdf) (0.5 Mb)
MarsOZ Proposal document-ver1b (pdf) (1.3Mb)
Addendum to MarsOZ Proposal document (pdf) (0.45 Mb)
Mars-Oz Mission Plan: A Practical Architecture for Exploration-Focused Manned Mars Missions Using Chemical Propulsion, Solar Power Generation and In-Situ Resource Utilisation. (pdf) (1.2 Mb)
MarsOz Information Leaflet (pdf) (0.5 Mb)
Arkaroola Geology Information Leaflet (pdf) (3.5 Mb)
MARS-OZ Analogue Research Station Subsystem Research and Development Project - ANU (pdf) (5 Mb)

Starchaser Marsupial
(See Marsupial Homepage Document Archive)

Spaceward Bound Expedition 2009 Report (pdf) (1.1 Mb)
In-Situ Resource Utilisation Through Water Extraction from Hydration Mineral - Relevance to Mars Missions and and Australian Analogue (pdf) (0.4 Mb)
AMEC2006 Presentation for the Above Paper (pdf) (2.1 Mb)
Jarntimarra Expedition proposal document (pdf) (4.93 Mb)
SAFMARS Operational Concept Definition (pdf) (1.08 Mb)
The Mars Society Analogue Stations Program (pdf) (0.35 Mb)

Conference Proceedings

2nd Australian Mars Exploration Conference (AMEC2002)
3rd Australian Mars Exploration Conference (AMEC2003)
4th Australian Mars Exploration Conference (AMEC2004)
5th Australian Mars Exploration Conference (AMEC2005)
6th Australian Mars Exploration Conference (AMEC2006)
7th Australian Mars Exploration Conference (AMEC2007)
8th Australian Mars Exploration Conference (AMEC2008)
9th Australian Mars Exploration Conference (AMEC2009)

Policy Submissions

The Australia 2020 Summit, 2008
The First Australian Decadal Plan for Space Science
Inquiry into The Current State of Australia's Space Science & Industry Sector, 2008 (pdf) (190 Kb)
International Space Advisory Group submission, 2001 (pdf) (215 Kb)


MDRS A4 Cut-out Paper Model (pdf) (863 Kb)


MSA Articles of Association (pdf) (0.14 Mb)

MSA Presentations

Living on Mars (5MB)
Visions in the Desert (3MB)


MSA Movie & Animation Archive (YouTube)
Mars: A Survival Guide promo video .mov format (3 Mb)
MarsOz Video 3GPP (mobile phone) format (0.5 Mb)

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