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                 The Mars Society Australia, Inc is an APPROVED RESEARCH INSTITUTE for the purposes of Section 73A of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936 for undertaking scientific research which is, or may prove to be, of value to Australia.

MSA in the News...

In Search Of A Wet Warm Life Filled Mars

Life Possible on 'Large Parts' of Mars

ACT Scientists Say Martian Life Possible

NASA Mars mission continues search for life

Scientists look to the Pilbara for life on Mars

A Trip to Mars via the Pilbara

Martians in the Outbook

NASA in Australia for Mars Research

Nasa Travels to Mars, via the Australian Outback

Mars Mission Blasts off in Pilbara

NASA Travels to Mars via Australian Outback

NASA Scientists Touch Down in the Pilbara

Outback Helps NASA Understand Mars

NASA in Australia for Mars Research

In for a Dig

WA Helps in Search for Life on Mars

Mock Mission to Mars

Mars Exploration Practice at a Place Much Like the Hot, Red Planet Itself - the Pilbara

WA Stands in for Mars

Gravity Suit Mimics Earth's Pull for Astronauts

Superhero-Style Spacesuits Could Provide Vital Compression For Astronauts

Superhero Suit to Strengthen Astronaut's Bones

New NASA Mission to Explore Mars Atmosphere

Beam Me Up Shhhcotty ... the Aussie Space Beer With Zero Gravity

Mars Site May Hold Buried Life

Mars Site May Hold 'Buried Life'

Read the Lonely Planet Guide to Mars

Planning a Trip to Mars

Mars: A Survival Guide Author Interview

Guy Murphy Studio A Channel 31 Interview

Moon Water Sheds Light on Earth's Development

Robots Have the Legs for Mars

Experiment Begins for Trip to Mars

Water, Water Everywhere, But Not All Drops Have Life

Alien Life May Need More Than Liquid Water to Survive

Water Not Always a Guide to Finding Life

Voyage to the Planets

Researchers Find Microbes Have Their Limits

Aussie Teachers Join NASA Namibian Desert Expedition

Space Suit

Announcing the Formation of Explore Mars, Inc.

There's Iron in Them Thar Martian Hills

Mining Mars? Where's the Ore?

Nasa Rides 'Bucking 'Bronco' to Mars

Mars: Is it Worth the Trip?

Spacesuits for Mars

Space and What to Wear There

Gravity-Loading Skinsuit Tackles Astronauts’ Health Problem

Space Outlook

Signs of Water Detected

Australia Selected To Support Research For Future Mars Mission

Martian Landscape in Outback South Australia

Outback SA as Cold and Dry as Mars?

Australia Plots New Era of Space Travel

Space Mission

Houston, Can You Read Me?

Big Steps Towards Mars

Astronaut Shandy on Tap in Galaxy Not Far Away

Mars Phoenix Unlikely to Rise Again

Could be Just Dreamy, a White Christmas on Mars

NASA's Next Small Step May Be Into Martian Manure

Pack Your Bags Kids, We're off to Mars

NASA Space Probe Melts Martian Ice

Top NASA educator in Northam

Training High on Agenda at Mars Conference

Soil on Mars 'Good for Asparagus'

Mars Bound While Earth Bound

Touchdown on the Red Planet, a Site for Thawed Ice

Robot Sent to Dig the Dirt on Mars

A Glimpse of Martian Plumning

NASA Plans for Voyage to the Red Planet

Mars's Tiny Moons – One Small Step for Mankind?

Crashing Plan for Space Era Take-off

Scouting the Territory

Plasma Thruster – New Aussie Design for Space Craft Propulsion

Mars - Missions of the Past and Future

Microscopic Foresight

ACA Closure 'Short-sighted'

Dots on Mars

Mars Water Find Raises Possibility of Life

Mechanical CounterPressure / BioSuit Concept

Apparent Splashdown on Mars has Scientists in a Lather

Space, the Universe & Everything

ESA Trials Australian Plasma Thruster

ESA Accelerates Towards A New Space Thruster

Mars Satellite Images May Mislead

Water Flowed Recently on Mars, NASA Scientists Say

An Outfit Suitable for Mars

Looking for life on Mars - in the Outback

Looking For Life On Mars -- In Australia's Outback

Future Space (Lisa & Leonardo)

Canada and Mars Evening In Montreal Highlights Local Space Activities

Mars Analogue Research Station (MARS), Arkaroola, SA

South Australia Part of Mission to Mars

Site Chosen for Mars Ttraining Lab

Bar the Location it Could be Mars

Mars Research in Arkaroola

Australia: Flinders Ranges - Site Where Designer Suit for Mars Undergo Trial

Well-suited Scientists Set to See Red in Outback

The Designer Suit for Mars

Mars Mission to Learn Lessons of History

Scientists Target Manned Mars Mission

Budding scientists to help send mission to Mars

Simpson Desert Hosts Mars Research

The Office Politics of a Mars Mission

Battling personality in Outer Space

Desert Trek May Aid Mars Mission

Mars Astronauts May Get Bored, Pick Fights

Mars Spacesuits to be Tested in Oz Desert

Mars, Who Needs It? Aussie Desert May Do

Scope for Australian Involvement in Mars Exploration

Andy's Ready to Blast Off

Astronaut Launches Our Race for Space

Mission to Mars

New Norcia Dish

A Space-age View of Our Asteroid Cataclysm

Space Tourism

The Good, the Bad and the Ordinary Times

Mars Research Team Not Off the Planet - Yet

International Crew Returns Home From Utah Mars Simulation Base

Life on Mars

Destination Mars

Mars or Utah? Either Way, it's Going to be Cramped

Mars Meteors More Common Than Thought

Of Mice and Martians

Humans on Mars?

Work, Rest and Playing on Mars

New Biosatellite To Study Life In Martian Gravity

The Next Frontier

Base Martienne en Australie

Australian Mars Research Facility Needs $250,000

Mars Society Boldly Goes to Oz

Martians Plan Outback Base

NT has Martian Areas

Searching for Mars on Earth

Aussie Mars Team In Search Of Red Centre In Public Forum

Red Centre Leads Way to Red Planet

From Red Centre To Red Planet

Roving Mars By EV

Learning Martian Arts

Red Centre: Next Stop Red Planet?

Take a Mars Walk Here

Hop to It! 'Down Under' Research Helps International Mars Effort

From Red Centre To Red Planet

The Red Frontier

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