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How You Can Help

You can support this project in many ways, by donating engineering or administrative support, materials, parts and/or money. Project manager Graham Mann welcomes your contribution. You can email him

Primary Sponsor

The Starchaser Marsupial Rover is named after its visionary primary sponsor, UK based Starchaser Industries, who have sponsored stages 2 and 3 of the project.

Starchaser Industries is a privately held, high technology group of companies that specialises in the development, operation and commercialisation of space related products and services. Starchaser Industries enables new space related business opportunities by providing safe, reliable, affordable and reusable access to space for both the space tourism and micro-satellite launch markets.

Founded in 1992 by current CEO Steve Bennett, Starchaser Industries is staffed by a highly skilled, innovative and motivated workforce. With companies both in the UK and the US, Starchaser is at the vanguard of the new commercial space industry.

Read more about Starchaser's plans and achievements at www.starchaser.co.uk

All Sponsors

The Starchaser Marsupial Rover has also received wonderful support from the following organisations and individuals.

Jozef Michalek
Edith De Vermond

Paul Grey

Morehu Whareaitu
Jonathan and Anna Clarke

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