Call for Papers -

8th Australian Mars Exploration Conference
Adelaide, South Australia
July 4-6th, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

It is with pleasure that I invite you to submit papers for the 8th Australian Mars Exploration Conference, to be held in Adelaide on 4th - 6th July, 2008.

This conference aims to expand the breadth and depth of scientific, technological and cultural development in support of the human exploration of Mars. To this end, in addition to scientists and technologists, we extend our invitation to the social experts, managers, writers and artists who will be instrumental in forging such an enterprise.

Since 2001, the AMEC conferences have been an international forum for Mars exploration. Past AMEC guests have included speakers such as Apollo 17 geologist Dr. Harrison Schmidt, space simulation expert Dr. Vadim Gushin of the Moscow Institute of Biomedical Problems and Dr. Steven Squires, Principle Investigator of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover team.

AMEC conferences are run by the Mars Society Australia, an incorporated, non-profit research body that does practical research in support of an eventual human mission to Mars. MSA is the Australian branch of the worldwide Mars Society which has about 6,000 members. MSA funds and manages three major technical projects: the Starchaser Marsupial analogue rover, the MarsSkin analogue spacesuit and the Mars-Oz analogue research station, as well as a number of smaller experiments. Members publish widely in peer-reviewed international journals and papers, and conduct numerous public seminars and lectures.

The organisation has conducted two expeditions to central Australia. It has a high media profile, logging tens of impressions on radio, television, the Internet and the print media each year.

It is certified by the Australian Tax Office as a tax deductable gift certificate. Its records are being archived by the National Library in Canberra as documents of historical importance. MSA also participates in international collaborative projects with organisations such as NASA and ESA, including the Spaceward Bound educational initiative and a month-long simulation at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah.

All papers submitted to AMEC 2008 will be peer-reviewed in accordance with DEST guidelines for conference publications. Themes covered may include (but are not limited to):

  • Theme 1 - Technology
  • Theme 2 - Planetary science and astrobiology
  • Theme 3 - Human factors
  • Theme 4 - Analogue studies
  • Theme 5 - Education and outreach
  • Theme 6 - Policy and planning
Full papers of no more than 7 pages in length should be emailed to the conference chair by 30th April, 2008.

Papers must be no more than 7 pages in length and be formatted according to this template


Authors should include a brief cover note including their name and contact details.

Notification of the review results will be distributed by 31st May, 2008. Registration and presentation at the conference is a requirement for publication. Looking forward to seeing you at the conference,

Colin Pain
Program Chair, AMEC 2008