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AMEC 2007

Perth, Western Australia
July 13th - July 15th,  2007

Saturday, July 14th

Keynote Address: The Australian Space Exploration Prize
Brown, A.J., ]  Heldmann, J.L. and Mathers, N.

The Dalhousie Mound Spring Complex as a Guide to Martian Landforms, Processes, and Exploration
Clarke, J.D.A., Bourke, M., Nelson, M., Manga, M. and Fonseca, J.

Revisiting the Moondust Experiments of Apollo 11 and 12
O’Brien, B.

Inversion of Relief as a Geomorphic Process on Mars and its Relevance to Landing Site Selection
Pain, C.F., Clarke, J.D.A and Thomas, M.

Deployable Interlocking Structures for Martian Bases
Dyskin, A.V., Khor, H.C., Yong, D., Pasternak, E., Estrin, Y. and Kanel-Belov, A.

The Design and Testing of a Gas liquid Rocket Engine Used to Gain the Technical and Practical Skills Required for Developing New Rocket Engines
Willson, D.

The Low Cost Manufacture of High Technology Machines
Mann, G.A.

Sunday, July 15th

Keynote Address: Spaceward Bound - Training and Inspiring the Next Generation of Space Explorers
Heldmann, J.L. McKay, C.P. and Coe, L.

The International Space Olympics
Brumfitt, A. and Thompson, L.

Space Science Education: Sparking, Signing and Securing the Space Generation
Gargano, M.

Student Paper: Earth & Mars: Investigating Conditions for Colonisation - Should We, Could We, Would We? (abstract)
Dimasi, S.

Student Paper: MARS Grain Silo Approach: A Student's Perspective, 2007 Update (abstract)
Bowen, G.

MARS-Oz: A Proposal for a Simulated Mars Station at Arkaroola (abstract)
Willson, D. and Clarke, J.D.A.

Starchaser Rover: A Construction Update and Tour (abstract)
Mann, G.A.