Proceedings of the 5th Australian Mars Exploration Conference

‘Roving the Red Planet’

Australian National University, Canberra 19th-21st August, 2005


Saturday, August 20th

Design and Testing of the First Helicon Double Layer Thruster Prototype
Dr. Christine Charles (RSPS, ANU)

Mars Roving: Making Tracks, Leaving Footprints, Feathering About, or Dragging Your Snake?
Dr. Duncan Steel (Ball Aerospace Solutions, Canberra)

Tracking the Mars Rovers
Glen Nagle (Tidbinbilla Tracking Station)

Future NASA Missions to Mars
Neal Newman (NASA Office, Canberra)

Group Dynamics in Isolated Environments
Phill Krins (ANU School of Psychology)

The Mona Lisa – Leonardo Project: A Comparison of Homogeneous Male and Female Teams in a Mars Simulation
Natalie Cutler (BAe Systems, Melbourne)

Conflict, Cooperation and Group Decision-Making on Mars
Rachael Eggins (ANU School of Psychology)

Analogue Space Suit Research – Recent Development and Testing of ‘MarsSkin’
Natalie Cutler (BAe Systems, Melbourne)

Mars-oz: Designing for Mars
Dave Willson (SEMF Ltd. Hobart)

Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station 2004 Season Report
Jason Held (Dept. Mechatronics, University of Sydney)

A Multi-Goal Mars Analogue Expedition (Expedition Two) to the Arkaroola Region, Australia
Dr. Jon Clarke (Australian Centre for Astrobiology)

The Challenge of the Martian Surface Environment: A Material Engineer’s Perspective
Michael West (Dept. Mechatronics, University of Sydney)

A Network Centric Approach to Robotic Operations on Mars
Jason Held (Dept. Mechatronics, University of Sydney)

Stepping Stones to Mars: Reconsidering Human Exploration of Phobos
Michael West (Dept. Mechatronics, University of Sydney)

Mars Exploration Mobility Within Safety Constraints
Dr. Graham Mann (Murdoch University, Perth)

Sunday, August 21st

Mars – A Remarkably Earth-like Planet
Dr. Colin Pain

Bugs or Bumps and the Search for Biosignatures AND Mars Rock or Martian? The Biomorph Problem
Dr. Sue Welch & Dr. Andy Christy (Dept. Earth and Marine Science, ANU)

Mars in the Context of the Solar System
Prof. Ross Taylor (Dept. Earth and Marine Science, ANU)

We Have Not Detected Life on Mars ... or Have We?
Dr. Charley Lineweaver (PSI, ANU)

Walking on Mars, The Victorian Space Science Education Centre
Prof. Lachlan Thompson (RMIT, Melbourne)

Centre for Planetary and Space Studies: Building a Research and Education Facility in a Private Secondary School Environment.
Dave Cooper (MSA, Perth)

Bees in Space: An Opportunity for Mars Society Australia
Prof. Lachlan Thompson (RMIT, Melbourne)

Education & Outreach With the MER Mission
Glen Nagle (Tidbinbilla tracking station)

Keynote lecture: Roving Mars: Spirit, Opportunity, and the Exploration of the Red Planet
Prof. Steve Squyres (Cornell University, United States)