Proceedings of the 3rd Australian Mars Exploration Conference

An Invitation to Explore the Red Planet - Mars

AUGUST 22nd 24th, 2003

Trinity College, East Perth



Publication Notes


Opening Remarks

Guy Murphy President, Mars Society Australia

Dr Peter Nattrass - The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Perth

SECTION I - Mars: The Human Dimension

  1. Psychological Problems of Martian Crew Autonomous Behaviour, Dr Vadim I Gushin, Institute of Bio-Medical Problems, Moscow
  2. Social Psychology, Personality and Neuro-cognitive Studies During a Mars Base Simulation, Dr Steven Dawson, Australian National University, Canberra
  3. Medical Imaging for a Mission to Mars, Rob Hart, Department of Medical Imaging, Curtin University

SECTION II Engineering for Mars

  1. MarsSkin Analogue Space Suits: Expedition One and the Future, James Waldie, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne
  2. First Comparative Field Test of Pressurised Rover Prototypes, Dr Graham Mann, Murdoch University, Perth
  3. Data Logging Demonstration of New Equipment, Mark Smith, Mars Society Australia
  4. Mars Gravity Biosatellite Project, Aaron Tan, University of Queensland, Brisbane

SECTION III - Building a Mars Base

  1. Status of the MarsOz Project, Dr Jonathan Clarke, Australian National University, Canberra
  2. Topological Interlocking in Construction of Martian Settlements, Dr Arcady Dyskin, University of Western Australia, Perth
  3. Panel Discussion - MARS OZ: The Future, Views and Questions - Guy Murphy, David Cooper, Graham Mann, Jennifer Laing, Jonathan Clarke

SECTION IV - Getting to Mars

  1. Utah On The Rocks: Regolith and Other Geological Research During Expedition One, Dr Jonathan Clarke, Australian National University, Canberra
  2. PR Push: The Role of Communication and Publicity in a Future Human Mars Mission, Jennifer Laing, Latrobe University

SECTION V - Mars In Popular Culture

  1. Panel Discussion - Future Directions & Developments: Views and Questions from the Floor, Dr. Gushin, Dr Graham Mann, Dr Jonathan Clarke, Dr Rob Hart, Guy Murphy

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