Medical Imaging for a Mission to Mars

Dr Rob Hart

Curtin University, Dept of Medical Imagimg

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PROFILE: Dr Rob Hart is a graduate of the Department of Medical Imaging. His doctoral studies at the University of Western Australia examined the difficulties of co-registering x-ray based images with ultrasound information derived during examinations of the major blood vessels to the brain.  He then spent time with Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri at the University of Dundee as a postdoctoral research assistant.  Working under the guidance of Dr Tim Frank, of the Surgical Technology Group, and Professor Ian Ricketts, of the Department of Applied Computing, Rob developed an ultrasound technique (sonoelastography) which is potentially useful for the detection of simulated breast cancers.  His current research interests include the development of techniques of digital radiography in space, characterisation of ultrasound interactions with bone, and improved understanding of sonoporation.

Rob has recently been invited to work as a consultant with the Advanced Projects Team (Medical Care Informatics & Healthcare Systems) at NASA's Johnson Space Center.  This team is developing health care systems and technologies for space flight.