Social Psychology, Personality and Neurocognitive Studies During a Mars Base Simulation

Dr Steven J Dawson.

Australian National University

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Abstract: A 30 day Mars base simulation formed the context for several linked psychological studies emphasizing the degree to which crewmembers identify with the overall mission group and its subgroups. The primarily social psychological study, enriched by both neurocognitive and personality measures, aimed to examine the impact of group identification on both individual and group performance.


PROFILE: Dr Dawson is a Clinical Psychologist with Canberra Clinical & Forensic Psychology. He is also a Visiting Fellow at the Australian National University, where he is collaborating with the Social Psychology Research Group on Mars analogue research. Clinical interests include aviation and aerospace human factors, particularly neuropsychological issues in pilot performance and crew interaction with respect to Mars missions. Leisure interests include flight simulation, reading science fiction and digital photography.