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Conference Program

NOTE: The following may be subject to further alteration.

ACTIVITY DATE/TIME              EVENT                                                                TRACK THEME
Conference    Saturday 13 July                                   
  8.00am Registration Opens  
  8.55am Conference Opening  
Opening Session 9.00am Dr Harrison Schmitt
(Apollo 17 Astronaut, Adjunct Professor, School of Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Field Geology: Its Role on the Moon and Mars
Understanding Mars - Lessons Learned from the Past

Emeritus Professor Ross Taylor
(Department of Geology, ANU)
Formation and crustal evolution of Mars: A solar system perspective

Professor David Green
(Department of Geology, ANU)
Martian Volcanism: gateway to the deep interior.
Announcement of winner of Undergraduate Prize 10.10am

Presentation by Dr. Harrison Schmitt  
Panel Discussion 10.15am Panel Discussion - Lessons for Mars Missions from Project Apollo.
Facilitator: Dr. Jonathan Clarke
Department of Geology, ANU
  10.45am Morning Tea  

Dr. Everett Gibson
(Johnson Space Center)
Life on Mars: Where do we stand after six years of investigations?
Advancing Exploration of the Red Planet
  11.50pm Michael West
(Mars Society Australia)
Overview of Mars Society Australia, Goals, Technical Program

Guy Murphy
(President, Mars Society Australia)
Overview of International Mars Society Research
Winner of Undergraduate Student Prize  
  12.50pm Lunch  

Dr. Jonathan Clarke
(Department of Geology, ANU)
Mars Lander Designs: A Background to MARS-OZ
Building a Mars Analogue Base
  2.00pm Dr. Jonathan Clarke
(Department of Geology, ANU) & Dr. Graham Mann (School of Information Technology, Murdoch University)
Jarntimarra-1: Selecting an Australian Mars Analogue Research Site
  2.20pm Dr. Jonathan Clarke
MARS-OZ: A Technical Description

Jennifer Laing
(School of Tourism & Hospitality, La Trobe University)
Using MARS-OZ as a Tourism, Outreach and Education Tool
  3.00pm Afternoon Tea  

Rev. Dr. Mark Worthing
(Dean of Studies and Lecturer in Theology, Tabor College, Adelaide)
Social/Religious Implications of Mars Exploration

Professor Rod Boswell
(Space Plasma & Plasma Processing, Plasma Research Laboratory, ANU)
To Mars and Beyond: Plasma Thrusting into the Future
Getting to Mars

A/Prof. Dr. Pavel Trivailo
(Department of Aerospace Engineering, RMIT University)
Assessment of the Use of Tether Technology in the Future Exploration of Mars
Observatory Visit 6.30pm-8pm Visit to Sydney Observatory  
Banquet 8.15pm

Conference Banquet at the Rocks (sponsored by the Astronomical Society of Australia)  
Conference    Sunday 14 July    
Keynote Address 9.00am

Nigel Henbest & Heather Couper
U.K. authors of the recent book Mars: The Inside Story of the Red Planet

Sean Wilson
(University of Melbourne)
Martian Public Relations: Science Fiction Promoting Mars Exploration
  9.50am Dr. Rob Hart
(Department of Medical Imaging Science, Curtin University of Technology)
The Consequences Of Musculoskeletal Deconditioning And Injury: Martian Medicine En-Route And On Site
Mars: The Human Dimension

Dr. Steve Dawson
(Neuropsychology Department, Canberra Hospital)
Human Factors in Mars Research: An Overview

Dr. Steve Dawson
Human Factors Projects for Mars Analogue Research
Morning Tea  
  11.10pm James Waldie
(Department of Aerospace Engineering, RMIT University)
Flexible Spacesuits for the Exploration of Mars
Suiting Up For Mars

James Waldie
Marsskin: A Mechanical Counter Pressure Mars Analogue Space Suit

Students from the Faculty of Engineering, Sydney University
Mars Analogue Helmet System
  12.00pm Professor Simon Carlile
(School of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Sydney)
Spatial Hearing and Virtual Auditory Space
Human Interface Support for Information Technology for Mars Research Missions

Dr. Craig Jin
(School of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Sydney)
Augmented Reality and Spatial Audio: Applications to Mars Analogue Research
Teewoon Tan
(School of Electrical and Information Engineering, University of Sydney, & Tanad Pty Ltd)
Image Recognition During Analogue EVA’s
  1.00pm Lunch  
  1.40pm Michael West
(Mars Society Australia)
Overview of Project SAFMARS (Store and Forward Mars Analogue Messaging System)
Communications Issues
  2.00pm Dr. Maurice Castro
(Software Engineering Research Centre, RMIT University)
Information Technology Support for Mars Research Missions
  2.20pm Dr. Graham Mann
(School of Information Technology, Murdoch University)
Design, Construction, And Operations Plan For The Marsupial Rover
Robotics and Engineering Challenges on Mars
  2.40pm Dr. Steven Scheding
(Australian Centre for Field Robotics, Sydney University)
Terrain Aided Navigation in Unstructured and Unknown Environments
  3.00pm Afternoon Tea  
Discussion session 3.15pm Terraforming Mars: Do the Ends Justify the Means?
Facilitator:Rev. Dr. Mark Worthing
Dean of Studies and Lecturer in Theology, Tabor College, Adelaide
Workshops 3.45pm

(sessions run concurrently)
Workshop A: Education and Outreach Opportunities for Mars Society Australia. Led by David Cooper, Mars Society Australia

Workshop B: Staging Operation Red Centre. Led by Dr. Jonathan Clarke, Department of Geology, Australian National University and Dr. Steve Dawson, Neuropsychology Department, Canberra Hospital

Workshop C: Technological Challenges of Mars Analogue Research. Led by Michael West, Mars Society Australia and James Waldie, Department of Aerospace Engineering, RMIT University.
  4.25pm Feedback from Workshops
(each group to present an 8 minute overview)
Closing Remarks 4.50pm Close by Guy Murphy
(Mars Society Australia President)

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