Publication Notes


Preface, Jennifer Laing and Michael West

SECTION I - Understanding Mars Lessons Learned from the Past

  1. Field Geology: Its Role on the Moon and Mars, Dr Harrison Schmitt. (abstract)
  2. Formation and Crustal Evolution of Mars: A Solar System Perspective, Emeritus Professor Ross Taylor. (abstract)
  3. Martian Volcanism: Gateway to the Deep Interior, Professor David Green. (abstract)
  4. SECTION II - Advancing Exploration of the Red Planet

  5. Life on Mars: Where Do We Stand After Six Years of Investigations?, Dr Everett Gibson. (abstract)
  6. Overview of International Mars Society Research, Guy Murphy. (abstract)
  7. SECTION III - Building a Mars Analogue Base

  8. Mars Lander Designs: A Background to MARS-OZ, Dr Jonathan Clarke. (paper)
  9. Jarntimarra 1: Selecting an Australian Mars Analogue Research Site, Dr Jonathan Clarke & Dr Graham Mann. (paper)
  10. MARS-OZ: A Technical Description, Dr Jonathan Clarke. (paper)
  11. Using MARS-OZ as a Tourism, Outreach and Education Tool, Jennifer Laing. (paper)
  12. SECTION IV - Getting to Mars

  13. To Mars and Beyond: Plasma Thrusting into the Future, Professor Rod Boswell (abstract)
  14. Assessment of the Use of Tether Technology in the Future Exploration of Mars, Associate Professor Dr Pavel Trivailo  (paper)
  15. SECTION V - Mars In Popular Culture

  16. U.K. authors of the recent book Mars: The Inside Story of the Red Planet, Nigel Henbest & Heather Couper (paper)
  17. Martian Public Relations: Science Fiction Promoting Mars Exploration, Sean McMullen (paper)
  18. SECTION VI - Mars: The Human Dimension

  19. The Consequences Of Musculoskeletal Deconditioning And Injury: Martian Medicine En-Route And On Site, Dr Rob Hart (paper)
  20. Human Factors in Mars Research: An Overview, Dr Steve Dawson (paper)
  21. Human Factors Projects for Mars Analogue Research, Dr Steve Dawson (abstract)
  22. SECTION VII - Suiting Up For Mars

  23. Flexible Spacesuits for the Exploration of Mars, James Waldie (paper)
  24. MarsSkin: A Mechanical Counter Pressure Mars Analogue Space Suit, James Waldie (paper)
  25. Human Interface Support for Information Technology for Mars Research Missions, Dr Craig Jin, Teewoon Tan, Professor Simon Carlile, Johahn Leung, Andre van Shaik (paper)
  26. SECTION VIII - Communications Issues

  27. Information Technology Support for Mars Research Missions, Dr Maurice Castro & Dr Paul van den Bergen (paper)
  28. Human Interface Support for Information Technology for Mars Research Missions, Dr Craig Jin (abstract)
  29. SECTION IX - Robotics and Engineering Challenges on Mars

  30. Design, Construction & Operations Plan for The Marsupial Rover, Dr Graham Mann (paper)
  31. Terrain Aided Navigation in Unstructured and Unknown Environments, Dr Steven Scheding (abstract)
  32. SECTION X - Best Undergraduate Paper

  33. Free Return & Energy-Efficient Trajectory for Early Manned Mars Missions Employing Split Expedition, Yon Wui Ng (paper)

Panel Discussions

Panel Discussion Lessons for Mars Missions from Project Apollo, Facilitator: Dr Jonathan Clarke

Terraforming Mars: Do the Ends Justify the Means?, Discussion session led by Dr. Mark Worthing