General Discussion: Terraforming Mars: Do the Ends Justify the Means?

Facilitator: Dr Mark Worthing

Tabor College, Adelaide

--- Faciliator Profile ---

Facilitator Profile: Mark Worthing is Dean of Studies and lecturer in theology at Tabor College, Adelaide. He holds a DrPhil from the University of Regensburg (1992) and a DrTheol from the University of Munich (1994). He is an ordained minister in the Lutheran Church of Australia and has served parishes in the US and Australia. His publications in the field of theology and science include two books: God, Creation, and Contemporary Physics (Theology and the Sciences series), Fortress Press in 1996, which was a 1997 Templeton Book Prize winner and Foundations and Functions of Theology as Universal Science: Theological Method and Apologetic Praxis in Wolfhart Pannenberg and Karl Rahner in 1996. He has also published several articles in the field, including: 'Theology: Queen of the Sciences?', Concordia Journal (Oct 1994); ‘The Christian Doctrine of the Fall in the Light of Modern Science’ in Theology at the Beginning of the 3rd Millennium in a Global Context: Restrospect and Perspectives. (Festschrift for Hans Schwarz) in 1999; ‘Science and Theology: An Historical Overview’ in Pacific Journal of Theology and Science in 2000. Dr Worthing is also joint author of God, Life, Intelligence and the Universe, ATF in 2002. Of particular interest is Chapter 3: "The Possibility of Extraterrestrial Intelligence as Theological Thought Experiment."