Panel Discussion: Lessons for Mars Missions from Project Apollo

Facilitator: Dr Jonathan Clarke

Australian National University

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Panel Composition:

Dr Harrison Schmitt, Dr Everett Gibson, Professor Ross Taylor, and Professor David Green

Facilitator Profile: Dr Jonathan Clarke is a geologist with experience in the mineral and petroleum industry, academia, and in government surveys. He has worked in every state of Australia mostly in the arid interior. In addition he has practiced geology in New Zealand, the Philippines, and the Atacama desert of northern Chile, one of the most Mars-like areas on earth. Dr Clarke presently works for the CRC for Landscape, Environment, and Mineral Exploration (LEME) at the Australian National University, studying the history and evolution of the Australian landscape. Current research interests include: history of aridity in the Atacama desert, the distribution of biogenic opal in the regolith, the palaeogeography of the Nullarbor sea during the Eocene period and the evolution of the landscape of the SE Yilgarn in WA and SW Gawler craton in SA. Dr Clarke was also the lead scientist on the first expedition of Project Jarntimarra in 2001 and is currently project manager for Mars Society Australia’s proposed Mars research facility – MARS-OZ.